New to Prepaid Cards? Your Basic Introduction

Through the years, prepaid cards have become widely popular. A Pew survey even indicated that prepaid card use from 2012 to 2014 increased by as much as 50 percent. From the time they were first introduced, prepaid cards have truly come a long way. Nowadays, it has evolved into one of the most preferred payment […]


Invoice Factoring vs. Invoice Financing: How Do They Differ?

Unpaid invoices can be a burden on any business. While you know that the money from the invoices will eventually come, slow-paying customers or extended repayment terms could hurt your incoming cash flow — and this could be a problem for your business. Instead of waiting for weeks (or months) to get the money from […]

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Working Capital: Guide for SME Owners before Loaning

Working capital loans are mainly to finance a business’s daily operational costs, such as inventory purchases or supplier payments. This type of SME loan isn’t meant to finance long term business requirements. What is Working Capital? It refers to the funds that a company uses to handle its everyday expenses. Cash flow is the lifeline […]


Best Career Opportunities for People with Life Path Number 3

In numerology, one life path number that stands out for being creative and expressive is the life path number 3. People born under this number are often seen to be vocal with their opinions. They convey their ideas through different forms, such as the arts, and they have high regard for communication. In essence, for […]

Things to Consider before Applying for Invoice Financing

Maintaining consistent cash flow in a business is essential to meet several financial obligations, including working capital requirements. However, it is not as simple and easy as it looks. Late payments by clients can act as major stumbling blocks when it comes to keeping cash flowing. Invoice financing can help enormously in such difficult situations. […]


How to Overcome Trade Finance Challenges

As any seasoned international trade finance professional could tell you, doing business on global markets is not without its trade finance challenges. Breaking into a new market often involves significant upfront investment. Keeping track of currency fluctuations could be an ongoing concern once you do it. It is not always easy to secure payment, and […]


4 Good Reasons to Take Out an SME Loan

Small to medium enterprises or SME’s are borrowing commercial bank loans with the hope that the borrowed working capital will become more profitable. Loans may come from sources other than banks, such as credit unions, public funds, or private investors. These small to medium enterprises may likewise use inventory or accounts receivable as collateral. Depending […]


What Are the Regulations That Govern DG packaging?

Dangerous goods (abbreviated as DG) or otherwise known as hazardous materials or hazmat are basically defined as products or materials with inherent high-risk properties, which if not properly contained, can pose a great danger to the health and well-being of all living organisms, including humans, as well as the safety of property and the environment. […]


Prepaid Cards: How Safe are They?

With so many enticing features and a lot of amazing benefits, it’s no surprise the best prepaid cards have become quite massive in just a few short years. They are especially popular among the unbanked since they offer unmatched ease and convenience. The best prepaid cards today are considered by many as truly powerful inclusion […]

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International Prepaid Cards: When are They Ideal?

Many frequent travellers nowadays never leave home without their international prepaid cards. International prepaid cards have experienced a massive rise in popularity over the years thanks to their amazing features and the unparalleled benefits they offer. For many, international prepaid cards are the consummate travel companions. They spare you from all the trouble of taking […]