5 Timeless Persuasive Copywriting Techniques to Use on Your Business

In politics, persuasion is used to create a win-win situation between conflicting parties. You bring up a case that people and entities find a reason to agree with, even if in general, they do not adhere to each other’s points.

The same applies to persuasive copywriting; when you want to win customers, you have to persuade them to agree with you by giving them good reasons to do so.

While it can be tricky to use persuasive copywriting, this method is highly useful for any business. Some of the techniques under this approach that you can use are:

  1. Repetition.

When you are convincing someone to take action that leads to a sale, you have to tell them about your offer again and again. You need to remind them about the perks, features, and other key takeaways from your sales pitch for them to see the different perspectives of your offer.

Generally speaking, people have a short attention span. They quickly experience information overload, and you have to cut your sales pitch in chunks and feed these to them in a repetitive manner-but, not to the point that you are redundant.

  1. Social proof.

People weigh their decisions based on what their peers think. They will most likely choose Brand X because their friends and idols use said brand. Hence, you need to establish social proof to convince your audience that it is the right choice to go for your offer.

Social proof serves as your audience’s guide to take action on your offer. You can do this by showcasing testimonials from your previous customers. If you happen to have influential clients, ask them to say something about your brand and business as their words are powerful to sway people to follow your direction.

  1. Compare!

Making comparisons is widely used in various types of marketing. It is also instrumental in persuasive copywriting. Creating a comparison between products and brands give you a unique advantage because you set the agenda for customers to act on.

When you provide a comparison between your brand and that of a competitor, it is like you are giving your audience the power to weigh in their decisions. This approach makes them believe that they are in charge of things (even when in fact, they are not), and knowing that you’ve given them the upper hand, the more they are inclined to side with you.

  1. Address “objections.”

The people targeted by persuasive copywriting are those who are often doubtful. They are tough nuts to crack, but this is precisely the point of this copywriting approach. By turning them into followers, you not only get a sale from them; you earn their loyalty too.

Hence, you may want to address potential objections in your long-form sales copy. Discuss your rebuttals to these objections by highlighting key features and benefits that your come with your offer. It is also in complaints that you can derive new perspectives to market your business since you have to come up with one or more solutions to keep them to a minimum.


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