Career Insights Based on Your Life Path Number

Numerology looks into the different aspect of a person’s wellbeing. By understanding one’s number patterns, you can immediately draw trends, such as a person’s outstanding character traits, how they deal with their social environment, compatibility in relationships, and most of all, their career.

Are you still in the process of planning your career? Have you not yet decided which job offer to accept? Has your gut been telling you to quit being a corporate slave and start a business instead?

Perhaps it is your subconscious trying to tell you to make the big switch. You may not immediately realise it talking, and many times you may have shrugged it off your shoulder. It may be high time to listen to it speak, especially when it has something to do with your career.

A numerology reading can help give you a better view of your current career state. It looks into your date of birth by running it in a life path calculator, where you can derive your root number. It is your root number that can fully describe you as a person, and how it affects your career.

Numbers and careers

If you have already derived your life path number via a life path calculator, then below are some of the career options suited for you:

  • 1 – the number of solitude, you are inclined to work alone, on your own terms. You also exhibit the qualities of a leader, since you possess a commanding presence. You are confident enough to head an organisation, or establish your own business.
  • 2 – a talker, you can be very emotional and soft-hearted. At the same time, you are a people person who likes building connections with others. You are a team player and a provider of backup support. You don’t want to be in the spotlight, but you thrive by making others grow.
  • 3 – people under this number work very fast. They can be aggressive and hot-tempered, but at the same time spiritual. They are creative and think out of the box, and they enjoy the arts, communications, and other areas where they freely express themselves.
  • 4 – those with this root number are builders. They are born smart and believe in structures. They are keen planners, making them good architects, scientists, and other technical professions where rules are developed and strictly implemented.
  • 5 – people under number 5 often face obstacles. They are risk-takers and enjoy exploring boundaries. Many of them can be found traveling, studying different cultures, or engaging with different communities to quench their thirst for adventure. This also applies to their careers, making them ideal in sales and politics.
  • 6 – the number of money, people under this life path number are all into making and keeping money. They mean business. They always yearn to earn more. They know how to handle their cash and make the better of it through the right investments.
  • 7 – people under this root number are described to be “kingmakers.” They attract good friends and easily build a network of supporters. At the same time, they have an ongoing search for knowledge and truth, making them good researchers and scholars.
  • 8 – persons with this root number are regarded to attract stress. This doesn’t mean they are always stressed; rather, they know how to handle it well. Because of this, they possess ample patience and understanding, allowing them to effective guidance counsellors, social workers, and doctors.
  • 9 – apart from being an old soul, people with this root number are also known to be business-minded and greedy. They are also altruistic, so aside from being entrepreneurs, they can be effective philanthropists and humanitarian workers.

Have you checked out your root number using a life path calculator yet? Do it today and see what your number says about your career.


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