What Your Numerology Number Says About Your Career

Working towards a successful career isn’t always as easy as it looks. You may have completed a university degree on a subject you have long been passionate about, but you don’t get good job opportunities from it. Meanwhile, some people seem to be successful in the things they do, even if they didn’t study hard or showcased substantial interest in it.

If you are experiencing fluctuations in your present career (switching between highs and lows), then perhaps your numerology number has something to do with it. 

Numerology numbers, also known as root numbers, correlate to various aspects of one’s life in the past, present, and future. While they don’t predict events that may happen, these digits help you see trends that take place in your life, including your career choices.

So, if you are trying to learn more about what your numerology number has to say about you career, here are the pointers to check out:

Root Number 1:

People with this numerology number are known to be strong and independent. They are born leaders and can be domineering towards their peers. 

It has been observed that people with this number excel mostly in running their own start-up businesses, or take on corporate roles as team leaders, directors, producers, or company executives. They may also enjoy success as politicians and high-ranking soldiers.

Root Number 2:

People under number 2 are born creative, charming, and soft-spoken. These traits make them ideal diplomats, negotiators, mediators, public relations officers, writers, and artists. The aforementioned fields allow them to exercise their knack for visual and performing arts, and build connections with various social circles.

Root Number 3:

Number 3 persons are likewise social animals. They are also into entertaining others. Hence, they find success in the performing arts, such as theatre, broadcasting, and music. 

Persons under root number 3 also possess substantial leadership qualities. They may thrive in job positions that require some level of authority, such as politicians, army officers, organisers, teachers, PR specialists, and lawyers.

Root Number 4:

Those under root number 4 are known to be critical thinkers. They are usually pragmatic and hardworking, but earning money is not their only life goal. They can be very process and detail oriented, and they value sustainability over immediate rewards. They often enjoy success and recognition as editors, journalists, researchers, engineers, and mechanics.

Root Number 5:

Persons under this root number are smart and multi-talented. They are also highly versatile as they have the ability to make use of their five senses on their chosen careers.

While they can go for any career path, they usually find inner fulfilment as researchers, public speakers, detectives, policemen, project producers, and directors. They also have a good hand at quick money opportunities, but tend to be natural gamblers too.

Root Number 6:

People under root number 6 have high regard for respect and social stature. They are responsible with their actions, family oriented, and value the people around them over themselves.

Apart from being doctors, guidance counsellors, and creative artists, these people may want to start businesses in the area of food and beverage, such as restaurants, food processing, or food products merchandise.

Root Number 7:

People under root number 7 are known to be introverts, serious, analytical, and hardworking. They are usually observant of their surroundings, including the people they mingle with.

They also attract peers due to their ability to keep secrets well. Thus, they may enjoy pursuing careers as detectives, teachers, healers, researchers, and other professions related to metaphysics and spirituality.

Root Number 8:

Since this number is often linked to money and wealth, people with this root number may thrive as investors, bankers, and fund managers. They also find success as organisational leaders, builders, and humanitarian advocates.

Root Number 9:

Lastly, people under the root number 9 have the passion to extend help to others in every way they can. They become successful humanitarians and fighters, and are recommended to pursue fields where they can bring people together for a common cause.

They may also find substantial success in construction and real estate, the military and police force, and also in sports where high energy and stamina are required.


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