Discovering the Types of Events Venues

There are a number of event venues to choose from in Manila. Finding the right venue is key to the success of your event. Why? Your choice of location has an impact on the look and feel of your event. The best events place in Manila will complement your unique personality, values, and aesthetics of your event design. In addition, a one-of-a-kind event venue will have a positive and lasting impact on the guests’ experiences.

Here are some types of unique event venues that you might want to check out for your next event!

Conservatories, Art Galleries, and Museums

Manila is home to some gorgeous conservatories, art galleries, and museums. In most cases, these kinds of venues come with a lot of rules and a huge price tag. Even so, if you want to really entertain your guests, the conservatory, the art gallery, or the museum is the way to go.

Ballrooms and Halls

Most ballrooms in Manila are lavish and opulent. Guests will admire this special touch of class and elegance. Ballrooms are for specific types of events, such as weddings, large-scale ceremonies, and other traditional gatherings.

Bars, Lounges, and Restaurants

Hosting events in a bar, lounge, or restaurant is usually accompanied by world-class cuisines and beverages. If you wish for an amazing gastronomical experience, or if your you are looking for a particular type of cuisine, choosing a bar, lounge, or restaurant is the way to go. In addition, these types of venues usually provide outstanding guest support services.

White Canvas

A blank canvas, like Whitespace Manila is the perfect location type if you are interested in customizing your unique event. These event venues allow for complete alterations, including space layout, lighting, entertainment, and more. As blank space such as Whitespace can accommodate certain elements that restaurants and hotel ballrooms cannot provide. In addition, Whitespace comes with dedicated support teams, add-ons and special packages.

Conference Centers

A conference center is an ideal events place in Manila for multi-day exhibitions, conferences, and meetings. Usually, a conference center is well-equipped to entertain small to large groups of people. If you are expecting a large turnout for a company meeting, a conference center might be the way to go.


Event guests will appreciate the tranquility that garden venues can provide. These outdoor settings are perfect for company outings and the like. Before you enter the garden, ask if they offer any type of outdoor tents just in case you experience any unforeseen weather. In addition, unless the premises offer outdoor heating, the gardens usually only make sense through warmer months.

Historic Locations

There are a lot of historic spots in Manila, especially Intramuros. These rustic spots like Baluarte de San Diego and Acuario de Manila are filled with historical artifacts and furniture, complemented by artistic and creative food and drink. However, most historic properties come with a high price tag. These types of venues are not for the budget-conscious event planners.


Hotels are ideal for a multi-day event. Hotels usually come with excellent guest services before, during, and after your event. Most hotels offer steep discounts on event booking and hotel accommodations.

Parking Lots

Parking lots for your next event location will give you limitless customization capabilities. In addition, most parking lots can accommodate large groups. Furthermore, depending on the offer of the location, a parking lot may even be less expensive.


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