Tips in Planning for a Debut: From the Main Event to the Minor Details

Planning an 18th birthday party for your daughter can be pretty tough if you do not know where to begin. What’s more, your child is now a young adult. This means that she has her own particular idea of what makes an awesome party.

Just like any regular birthday party, you’ll need to keep all the typical stuff in mind like the venue, guest list, entertainment, food and drinks. Since your daughter isn’t a child anymore, be sure to include her in the planning stages to prevent unecessary surprises from surfacing.

Book a Popular Birthday Party Venue

You can consider booking a different debut venue in Manila for the party. If your daughter is planning to invite a large group of same-aged friends, book a spacious debut venue in Manila, like Whitespace Manila, where space for dancing and games won’t be an issue.

Involve the Birthday Girl in the Planning Process

At first, it may seem very exciting to throw a surprise party for your teenager. In this case, it may not be the best idea to catch the birthday girl off guard. After all, it is a milestone celebration for her. Keep her involved in the planning process so she can provide enough input when it come to her preferences.

Pick Up a Fun and Lively Theme

While some debutantes may feel that they are too old for a party theme, you can still get them to dress up and have fun. Most party-goers love a fancy-dress party. What’s more, there are a lot of grown-up themes to pick from. If your daughter has a particular interest, pin the party theme around that. Ultimately the night is all about her!

Offer Take-Home Treats

Of course, you can make grown-up style goody bags. Things like this may seem a bit out of place at a debut, but with the correct contents, they can work amazingly well. Try mixing it up with some fancy gifts or glasses that can be worn by everyone at the party.

Remember to Document the Party

A debut is a major milestone in your daughter’s life. That’s why it would be a waste to not take some videos and photos to remember this once in a lifetime occasion. Look into hiring a dedicated photographer to take candid shots while everyone is having fun. If your budget allows, you could also consider installing your own photo booth with props to have guests take their photos in.

Throw in Some Entertainment

While some might be happy connecting their smartphone to speakers, having top-notch entertainment is still one of the best choices for taking a party to the next level. If you know that your daughter’s friends are going to want to dance the night away, consider hiring a band or even a professional DJ. Adding smoke machines and laser lights to enhance the ambiance will also go a long way.



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