How to Motivate Your Audience to Buy

Convincing a person to make a purchase is the goal of every persuasive copywriter. You won’t make a sale if you don’t push your audience to bite your offer. Yet to do this requires sheer talent, creativity, and long-standing optimism. You have to find ways to make your audience say yes, otherwise you’ll go home empty-handed.

What motivates your audience to buy? They don’t always open their wallets just because you say so; you have to give them a reason to do so. Oftentimes, your reasons are not persuasive enough, so they just leave and brush you off.

Hence, you have to know not only the reasons your target audience buys things; you have to master how to motivate them into buying.

Persuasive copywriters use the following elements to push their audience to spend on their offers:

  1. Tell them why your product is better.

Why does your audience have to buy your product? It’s simply because your offer is better than your competitors. In what sense? You can then talk about quality, price, and most of all, value for money.

It is also crucial that you highlight how your offer addresses their issues specifically, and not a blanket solution like what your competitors are saying. Showcase your offer in a way that it stands out among the rest, because it is the best.

  1. Lay down the facts.

The truth is never pretty. In fact, it looks horrendous. That is why people don’t want to face it. As a copywriter, however, you have to make them deal with the truth by showing them the facts.

In copywriting it is essential to lay down the facts, as audiences relate most to it. You hook them up with the situation so that they are able to sense the weight of their struggle and become more eager to overcome it. You can then follow this up with a solution, which they will see as their way out.

  1. Your offer is not there forever.

You can also motivate your prospective customers into buying by stressing the scarcity of your offer. You can give them everything they want but still end up declined because humans are naturally complacent. However, when you emphasise that your offer is only for a limited time, they will feel the urgency to buy.

Take note that people will do whatever it takes to get hold of something they believe they need. They may even surrender everything to have just to get it. You may want to take advantage of this character flaw to motivate them to spend money on you.

  1. Include freebies and discounts.

Lastly, people want to take advantage of freebies and discounts. They immediately think that they actually save money when they bite into a discounted offer, or a package containing lots of freebies. You may want to shower them with these add-ons to entice them to buy.

You may even give them what they need or want for free, so long as they will cover the costs of shipping and handling, as well as other related fees that, when computed, cost just the same as the “freebie” itself.


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