Worst Nightmare Of A Chemistry Tutor

Being a chemistry tutor is not easy, that is why most people who become a chemistry tutor are those who love the subject and teaching at the same time. People who become a chemistry tutor without passion easily quit when they experience difficulties. The first thing one should have in becoming a chemistry tutor is the passion to teach and their love for chemistry. If they have both, they can endure difficulties the job has to offer.

As a tutor, many things are expected from you and even more if you are a chemistry tutor. They look up to you in providing support, teaching them well and helping them achieve their goals. This could be very easy if the students behave the way that they should. There are some students who never bring problems to their tutors but there are also students who bring nightmares to a chemistry tutor. Let us look at some of the worst nightmares a chemistry tutor in Singapore might experience;

The Student’s Lack Of Focus While In Class

Paying attention to the tutor at is very important. Students must pay attention at all times. All students knew about this but there are still students who are caught not paying attention to class. The focus is divided among many different things. The attention given by the students also depends on their level, personality and situation. Focus can easily be directed to others things when it comes to students at a very young age. They couldn’t stand listening to long lectures since they can easily get bored. There are students who are also more excited to what is outside the class rather that what is inside. They can’t wait for their class to finish, maybe to play with their friends, watch TV or play with computers. There are some who bring their problems and worries to class, that may be the reason why they can’t give their 100% focus.

These situations can be a problem to a tutor but that doesn’t mean that they will have to endure the situation. They need to find a solution to solve the problem. Tutors need to be fun to capture the attention and interest of the students. As a tutor you need to reach out to your students who are experiencing problems. You need to explain to them in a most pleasant way that they need to leave their worries at home. Make them understand the importance of focus in class.

There Are Some Students Who Couldn’t Take Criticism

Mostly students who think they are smart are the ones who often can’t take criticism. They wouldn’t want you giving them feedback about their weaknesses. The always think that they are doing more than enough to study about the subject. They would rather criticize you for not being a good tutor or not teaching right. Some students would be angry at you for the criticism you gave them, some would cry and be sad about it others will have their teacher get angry or feel bad about you.

For this situation it doesn’t mean that you will stop giving comments to your students. You just have to find a way to give your comments to them in a way that they will not get offended. You have to make it sound like a motivation for them to do better. Instead of making it sound negative try converting these criticisms as a tool in making your student focus on his weaknesses.

Students Who Fail To Do Their Part

The learning process of a student in a tuition class is like traffic. You will do your duties as a tutor and the student will also do his duties at The student shouldn’t only serve as a passenger but he should also learn how to drive. When the student is asked to do something he should do it because these tasks are assigned to help the students improve and learn more. Home works shouldn’t be left undone by the student. He/she has the responsibility to accomplish it.

As a chemistry tutor in Singapore, you need to make sure your student understands the importance of doing their part. You need to tell them what the benefits they can get by doing the tasks assigned to them. Do not force them to do their part; instead you have to motivate them to have a sense of responsibility in doing what they are intended to do. Click here to find the best tutors in Singapore.

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