Tips For Your Child In Learning Chemistry

Many parents these days are pushing their children to study hard and hire an O level chemistry tutor for them. They limit their children in spending time playing, watching and other things that is not related to studying. The life of a student is difficult. They are pressured to do well in all the subjects. You also have experienced being student that is why you should understand your child’s situation and make an effort to help them. You have the experience that is why you should give those tips on what made your studies easy and what made it more difficult. Being said you still need to give them time be kids and enjoy their childhood.

Chemistry is a difficult subject and it could bring a lot of stress to your child. Instead of pressuring them to do well, you should guide them and offer them as much help as you can to make their studies easy. You should make them feel that they can come to you if they need help. Let them know that no matter how busy you are they can talk to you and tell you what areas are giving them a hard time. Here are some of the tips for your child in learning chemistry;

Ask Him To Read Before The Class

There is nothing better he/she can do than to come to class fully prepared. Reading about the topic before going to class will be able to help him get an idea of what the topic will be. He will be able to formulate questions to the areas that he doesn’t understand. In reading before the class, he needs to know what the objective of the topic is. It will be easier for your child to understand what the teacher discusses once he already had a background about the topic. He then can use the notes that he has taken down. He can either ask his teacher about it or take down notes explaining the things that he put in his notes.

He Should Understand The Subject And Learn How To Internalize

Understanding the subject gives more room of learning the subject. Memorizing is not very useful in learning chemistry. There are certain things that needs to be memorized but mostly the subject should be understood. He needs to learn how to internalize the information that he learns from the teacher. It would be easier to remember something that he understood rather than the one he memorizes. In memorizing he will remember the word or the sentence but he couldn’t explain what it is, making it useless.

Help Him Learn By Using Flashcards

Flashcards is very effective in learning chemistry and used by tutors at You will not only memorize but also it helps you remember certain information associated with it. In a flashcard a photo, symbol or term is shown on the other side and the answer is shown on the other. Even though you are not that good in chemistry you can still help him learn about it. Give him time to study each flashcard. Start from a few pieces first and increase it until he already knows all of them. Show the flashcard to him and ask him for the answer. Better yet let him explain his answer too. Repeating this process for a few times will help retain the information in his brain.

Teach Him On How To Take Down Notes And Ask Him To Rewrite Them

Tutors at encourages students to take down notes. Let him know that when he takes down notes he should look for the important information that he needs to remember. His notes should also be specific so he will be able to understand it when he is going to review it. His notes should be clear and organized so it would be easy for him to understand it when he rewrites it and organizes it properly. He needs to highlight each topic accordingly. He can use different colors to highlight making it easy for him to understand. His mind will easily remember colors and not the words. So when he remembers the color it will be easier for him to remember what topic it is and all the other information about that topic.

Hire A Good Chemistry Tutor For Him

It would be very helpful for him if you are going to hire someone from who will focus on teaching him chemistry. He will be able to have more chances to ask questions about the topics that he doesn’t understand. His O level chemistry tutor will be able to show him some tips on how he can easily learn O level chemistry. Learn more about the best tutors in  Singapore for your child.



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