Making Effective Notes For O Level Students

You are going to make O level chemistry notes for the purpose of using it as your primary review material. The notes you are going to make is not permitted to be brought with you during the exam day. These notes will be very helpful in your studies in preparation for the exam. You will be able to access information about chemistry with these notes that you are going to make. How are you going to make useful and effective notes for the O level chemistry test?  Your notes can be useful but it can also be worthless if you have written the wrong information. You need to understand and learn from your chemistry tuition in Singapore how you will make your notes as helpful as it can be. Here are some of the tips on how you can make an effective noted for your O level chemistry;

During Your Chemistry Class Take Down Notes

Listen to your teacher at carefully and while doing so you have to take down notes. It is not true that when you take down notes you will not be able to concentrate on what your teacher is teaching you. You can do these things at the same time. While taking down notes do not worry about making your notes beautiful. Just make sure that the notes you are writing can be easily understood. It should be organized so that you will not mix them up. The information that you are going to write down on your notes should be clear. You should be able to understand it. If it will be easier for you to understand in sentence form then write a sentence. If you are going to understand it just by using keywords then you can also use that. Do not leave yourself wondering and guessing what you wrote down in your notes.

Make Some Time In Rewriting Your Notes At Home

Tutors at that rewriting your notes will make the information repeat in your mind for a few times. You can try making three copies. Making three copies of your notes can be helpful in many ways. You will be able to read your notes repeatedly and writing them down for a few times gives better chance of making you remember it better. Writing the information is more effective in remembering compared to just reading it. Rewriting your notes gives you a chance to make it clear and more understandable. You can organize the information neatly and accordingly. Using color coding (highlighting the information that belongs together) can also be useful in remembering them. You can assign single words that will be easier for you to remember. When you remember the single words, they will allow you to remember added information about it.

Gather More Notes When You Go To Your Tuition Classes

There is a lot of information that you can also learn when you go to tuition class at Make sure to make your O level chemistry tuition notes. The same as how you take down notes when you are in your classroom. Make sure that they are organized and clear. Rewrite them also at home. Compare the notes you gathered from your tuition class and your classroom notes. Find out if everything is clear to you. If there is something that makes you confused or you don’t understand, then you can easily ask your tuition tutor.

Make Time To Review Your Notes Before Taking The O Level Chemistry Exam

Your notes will be your best tool in reviewing for the test. It will prepare you for the upcoming test. It will give you more specific information that can be very useful for you when answering the test questions. It will be easier for you to remember if you have organized the information since in your brain will also be in order. Chances of forgetting the things you learn from your notes is very low that is why many teachers and tutors encourage the students to make their own notes.

Ask Your Teacher Or Chemistry Tutor To Check Your Notes

It would be best to make sure that the notes you have done is clear and correct. You wouldn’t want to keep on studying the wrong information. It would be best to have your chemistry tuition in Singapore or teacher check it for you. They will be able to give you feedback on how you can make it better and effective. Click here for more information about chemistry tuition in Singapore.


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