Knowing How To Make The Best Out Of Your O Level Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry is a subject most students are scared of and consider it stressful. Most of the students believe that the subject is difficult that is why students try to get all the help they can get in order to better understand the subject. Their ultimate goal is to learn and understand in order to have better chances in passing the O level chemistry test. Some students even aim to be one of the top notch students among the students who took the O level chemistry exam.

Help from an O level chemistry tutor is one of the best ways in studying for the test. In hiring an O level chemistry tutor isn’t cheap, that is why it is important that you know what you are aiming for. To make sure that you learn and pass the exam, make the most of every class. Let us check on the things that you can do to get the best out of your chemistry tuition O level;

Make Sure That You Pay Attention To Your Tutor Always

When you come to class, make sure that you are ready. Have your mind focus on the task at hand. Listening to the teacher at is one of the best things you can do to learn. Leave all your worries and problems at home. Your mind should be receiving information from you tutor and not thinking about other things that is not related to your topic. Listening is easy but you shouldn’t listen and have the information go out the other ear. You have to understand every information that your teacher is giving you. Make sure that you take down notes while listening just in case your mind might not be capable in remembering all the details your teacher will tell you.

When You Didn’t Understand Something Do Not Hesitate To Ask Right Away

While listening to your tutor make sure that you are following to what he/she is saying. Make sure that you understand him/her correctly. If you didn’t understand even just one bit of information, ask your tutor at to give you a better explanation for you to understand it better. Do not wait for a time to ask your question because it might slip your mind. When you miss a certain part of the lecture you may not be able to understand all the other things that your tutor will teach. It would be best that you ask a question right away while your mind is still fresh. You will be able to avoid being confused if you had your questions answered right away.

Make Sure That You Will Take Down Notes Especially When Your Tutor Is Giving Lectures

Your notes will serve as your review material. It will be better for you when you go over your notes instead of reading the book all over again. Take down important information about the topics. Make sure that you take down notes neatly. You should be able to read it clearly when you are going to review. Organize your notes, mixing information will make you confused and you will tend to study wrong information about certain topics. Highlight important information. This information or word/s should be helpful in remembering more about the topic. Note down your questions and the answer your tutor has given you so that you will be able to remember it particularly and you will not make the same mistake again.

Know The Topics That Are Difficult For You And Ask Your Tutor To Focus On It

There will be topics that is easy for you to understand but there will be topics that will also give you a hard time in understanding. Request your tutor at to focus on these topics until you fully understand them. It will be fine to spend less time reviewing the topics that you have already understood. Your learning sessions should focus on topics that are giving you a hard time.

You Should Be Honest At All Times With Your Tutor And Ask Him To Give Feedbacks On Your Progress

It is essential to tell the teacher if you understand the topic or if you do not. You should tell him/her if you can follow what is being discussed or what is being done in class. You would learn better when your chemistry tuition O level tutor knows the topics you understand and what you don’t. Ask him to give a feedback about your progress. Use these feedback as an inspiration and guide in studying better. Click here to find the best tutor for you.


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