Knowing What Are The Best Tactics You Can Use To Learn Chemistry Easily

Stop believing that only smart students have the ability to learn chemistry easily. Anyone can learn chemistry easily. All they have to do is to find a way to make learning chemistry easy and get help with chemistry. You can do a research on the different ways to learn chemistry. Do not forget that not all these ways can be effective to everyone. Some students’ certain techniques would effectively work, on the other hand it does not help other students. If this does not work for you look for other methods. You are not stupid and there is no reason for you to blame yourself. You have to be open minded in searching for the right method that will help you learn chemistry in a much simpler way.

You can ask other students on what method they have used and how did it help them. You can try it out and see if it would work the way it worked for them. You need to be patient in trying different techniques. Tuition centers like use these methods as well. You might need to try a few before you finally find the ones that will effectively work and help you study for chemistry. Let us look at some of the techniques;

Try Teaching Chemistry To A 5 Year Old

You might say it is impossible but try it and see how effective it is. Many have proven that it is effective and helpful in their studies. A five year old child or someone who is still young and hasn’t really understood the importance of chemistry is not easy to teach. You will have to use the silliest words and terms you can find to explain a certain chemistry topic to them. If you are able to explain and let them understand it then that would mean that the method is effective. You are able to explain the topic in the simplest form you can find and can be understood. It doesn’t need to be exactly teaching a 5 year old but you can try teaching it to your siblings who are in lower grade school. You can visit to find more techniques on how to teach chemistry to your students.

Using The Ambiance Catalysis Method

In this method you will be changing your location every time you study for certain topics. Tuition centers like use this method as well. You can find many places where you can study so that shouldn’t be a problem. Your memories easily remember something when you associate it with a place, a thing or food. For example you are going to learn about one topic; you can go to a cafe. While studying this certain topic in the cafe you can order something to eat or drink. You associate the important information you are studying to the food you are eating or to what you are drinking. You also can associate it to what you see in the cafe. For the next topic you will have to look for another place, like at the park, library or at your garden. When you remember the place where you studied the topic it will be easier for you to remember the things you studied in that certain place. The subtopics will be remembered when you remember the food you ate when you associated with it.

Using The Pegging Technique

In getting help to study chemistry, there are certain numbers that you will need to memorize especially if they are a part of a formula, symbol or term. You will have to assign letters to numbers beginning from 0 to 9. Perhaps you could assign 1 to a, 2 to b, 3 to c, 4 to d and so on and so forth. Let say part of the formula, you need to memorize 312. The numbers equivalent to the letters you assigned will be ‘cab’. You are able to form a word already that can make you easily remember the numbers. Numbers can be more confusing than words. You can still form a word even though all the letters assigned to the number are all consonant. For example ‘bnbg’. This is not a word therefore it is not easy to remember so what you have to find a word that you can associate with it like beanbag. Once you remember this word you will have to remember that you have to remove the vowels to get the number assigned to the word. Click here to find more techniques to help your students study chemistry.


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