Is It Difficult To Understand O Level Chemistry?

Many students believe the O level chemistry is difficult to understand. They worry too much; even when they have not started learning the subject yet. In some students’ minds, O level chemistry is already difficult and they think that they are going to have a hard time studying it. Yes, it is a fact that it is difficult but that doesn’t mean that everything is difficult to understand. There are areas of the O level chemistry that is easy to understand and there are areas that you would need extra efforts to understand it. You can visit to find the best chemistry tutor in Singapore.

There are many ways that you can use to make things a bit easier for you to learn. For example, do not torture yourself by thinking you are doomed because of O level chemistry. The subject is actually fun and interesting. Change your point of view about the subject. Always think that you can do it. Having a positive mind set about the subjects makes it easier for you to understand. Let us look into some of the additional tips on how you will be able to understand O level chemistry with O level chemistry tuition easily;

Make Sure That You Learn From Your Mistake

Making mistakes is part of your learning experience. Once in a while you will make a mistake but do not be discouraged. Instead use your mistakes as a tool for you to learn. As much as possible, try to make it right but if you did something wrong, take note of it. Write the reason you are wrong and write what is right. Remind yourself everyday about it until it gets in your brain. Do not confuse your wrong answer with the right one. Seek the help of your teacher or you chemistry tutor at Ask them if they could explain for you what makes you wrong and what the right answer is. Ask them for help, don’t be shy to ask because if you need and want help, and just ask for it.

You Should Know What The Importance Of Revision Is

Reviewing the things that you have learned is important to do. You can do your revision or alteration in many ways. You can ready it many times, you can rewrite your notes or you can have someone study it with you. Repeating the information creates a loop in your mind that gets stuck in your brain. You are not going to forget the information you have studied if you do a revision to it. Daily revision is better than studying all information in one night. Tuition centers like believe that studying everything at the same time produces chaos, and chaos will give you brain cramps and most likely you will forget most of what you have studied.

Here Are The Things You Need To Know About Revision:

  • Before you start your revision

Before you actually start your revision you will need to know and understand what you need to do. You have to know what you need to learn once you studied that certain topic. The objective of each topic should be clear to you so that you will know what you need to achieve. For each topic you could make notes of what the topic is about and all the other things you can remember about it. You will later find out if what you remember about the topic is right or not.

  • During your revision

When doing your revision you have to organize which topics you need to study. You have to study it topic by topic to have the information organized in your mind as well. Focus on remembering important information like formulas, terms and symbols. Make sure that you highlight them on your notes. During revision make sure that you won’t be disturbed by anything.

Give a heads up to your family members that you are going to have a revision. Your phone should not be present to avoid distractions. You have to know which topics are related to each other and what makes them related. You have to note down the things that are not clear to you and things that you will still need more information on. Writing this information down will help you not remember them. All the things you study regarding chemistry O level tuition should be correct to avoid making mistakes. Read more to find the best chemistry tutor in Singapore.





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