Simple Car Rental Etiquette that You Must Observe

Renting a vintage car has become a popular practice among people doing events. While classic cars have first become trending among weddings, these days such vehicles are already being used for various purposes, including other types celebrations, photo shoots, and videos, and graphic advertisements. And yes, they are even rented out for weekend road trips!

But just like any other car rental arrangements, you should know how to observe simple etiquette when renting out a classic car. This is not only for you to establish good customer ties with your chosen vintage car rental in Singapore, but also for you to be given the car that you want at the best possible price.

Among the simple car rental etiquette tips that you may want to observe are:

  1. Be clear with your objectives in renting a car.

Unlike other car rentals, vintage car rental companies offer vehicles that require special care and attention, thus you have to lay down your reasons on renting one. This will give them a better understanding of your intentions and from there they can offer you vehicles that suit best to your needs.

  1. Read through the fine print.

When you have chosen a car rental package, it is downright important that you read the fine print of the contract. The fine print states the terms and conditions between rental company and the client in more detail, thus you know where to stand when liabilities come in.

It is a common mistake among clients not to read through the terms and conditions, thus whenever unexpected incidents take place, they end up dealing with lots of obligations which could have been avoided had they read through the contract.

  1. Discuss with the company about driver arrangements.

Some car rental companies provide a designated driver for their vehicles, while others don’t. It is then not safe to assume whether your package comes with a driver, as you may end up having to pay for a designated driver separately if and when he is not included in the package.

What you can do here is discuss with the car rental company about specific driver arrangements, so that they can include it in your contract; the same goes if you don’t need one. If you have to make an additional payment, then be clear with the terms too, so that you won’t end up being charged with a hefty sum for the driver’s services at the end of the day.

  1. Have the car cleaned after use.

While it is not required that you have the car cleaned after use, it is a good gesture that you take the effort in sending it to the car wash, as you have exposed the vehicle to various kinds of residue. You may also ask the car rental company in advance whether there are specific ways in which the car should be cleaned, given that it is already a vintage model, or if it is safe to be sent to a car wash service.

  1. Replenish the gas.

Car rental companies usually provide their vehicles with full tank gas when renting them out to clients. While it is also not a requirement that you replenish the gas you consumed during use, it is also good etiquette that you fill it up again before returning the vehicle to the company. Clients who do this are very much cherished by companies that offer vintage car rental in Singapore, mainly because they show that they value the business itself.

You may even get better deals next time you rent a vintage car with the company you have dealt with later on, as they already know that you are a client who can be trusted.

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