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Simple Car Rental Etiquette that You Must Observe

Renting a vintage car has become a popular practice among people doing events. While classic cars have first become trending among weddings, these days such vehicles are already being used for various purposes, including other types celebrations, photo shoots, and videos, and graphic advertisements. And yes, they are even rented out for weekend road trips! […]

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Business Loan: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Statistics show that at least half of small ventures never survive past the five-year mark. Reasons can be diverse—incurring too much debt, underestimating the cost of starting a venture and keeping it afloat, or failing to secure a loan since owners didn’t invest in the help of a business loan consultant or their credit rating […]

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Applying for a Business Loan in Singapore? Here are Some Ways to Hasten Approval

Regardless if you just launched your venture a few months ago or if you have been in business for a good number of years, chances are you can use a business loan at one point or another. Whether it’s for expansion, purchase of new equipment, or marketing, a business loan in Singapore can definitely help […]

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Business Loan: What are the Essentials?

You can vividly envision it by now. You get to be your own boss and enjoy all the amazing perks running your own business has to offer. However, you are confronted with one major dilemma—you don’t have the slightest idea where to get the needed funding to get your venture off the ground. If truth […]


3 Ways to Read Customers’ Minds

As a sales copywriter, your primary objective is to make your target customers or clients read your copy and immediately say “Yes! That’s what I need! It’s like you’ve read my mind!” If you can only read your customers’ minds each and every time, right? Well, while you are not a clairvoyant, there are ways […]

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4 Secrets to Writing Copy that Sells

What does it take to create copy that sells? In case you haven’t realised it yet, the key ingredients to a compelling copy haven’t changed throughout the course of history. They may have been introduced in different forms and styles over the years, but their fundamentals remain the same. Why? It’s simply because human psychology […]

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Prepaid Cards: Can They Help You Build Credit?

Prepaid cards are the newest addition to the plastic card family. Just like its other counterparts, prepaid cards provide benefits that are truly hard to miss. In fact, for many, prepaid cards have become the consummate alternative to carrying huge wads of cash. While prepaid cards look just like credit or debit cards, they have […]


Packing Groups of Dangerous Goods

The dangerous goods (DG) classification is not the only category that one should keep in mind when dealing with transporting dangerous goods. DG packaging is also composed of packing groups that are as important as the dangerous goods classification. The packing groups for DG packaging are divided into 3 categories. These categories are ranked according […]


What to know About SME Business Loan Consultant Broker In Singapore

It’s not enough for you to know the advantages of using a broker. It’s also crucial to figure out which people have your interest in mind, even though they, too, have established working relationships with lenders and banks. While there are reliable, professional loan brokers out there, there are also brokers who give the industry […]

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Opportunities For SMEs In The Economic Slowdown

The coronavirus has caused great damage all over the world, and Singapore, being a small and highly trade-dependent economy, is certainly not spared the carnage from the devastation. Even more mature or larger, well-capitalized SMEs have been feeling the effect of the downturn, affecting almost every business sector, disrupting financial markets, global supply chains, and […]