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International Prepaid Cards: When are They Ideal?

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Many frequent travellers nowadays never leave home without their international prepaid cards. International prepaid cards have experienced a massive rise in popularity over the years thanks to their amazing features and the unparalleled benefits they offer. For many, international prepaid cards are the consummate travel companions. They spare you from all the trouble of taking […]

Career Insights Based on Your Life Path Number

Numerology looks into the different aspect of a person’s wellbeing. By understanding one’s number patterns, you can immediately draw trends, such as a person’s outstanding character traits, how they deal with their social environment, compatibility in relationships, and most of all, their career. Are you still in the process of planning your career? Have you […]

Business Financing: How to Effectively Secure a Loan


Small and medium-sized businesses applying for business financing in Singapore can be rejected after the credit evaluation process has been completed. Although we are unable to say for sure whether the exact business loan appraisal requirements are used (banks keep it hidden to avoid fraud), we can deduce it from the most common grounds for […]