4 Solid Direct Response Copywriting Takeaways from a Fundraising Event

For sure you’ve already received at least one email that has the subject line “Save a Child’s Life NOW,” or another one that showcases pictures of sad and sickly dogs with emotive eyes. These are appeal letters asking you to donate or take part of their fundraiser, and lo and behold – they get a […]

Key Differences & Utility between LC and SBLC

Both the regular letter of credit and standby letter of credit are payment instruments used in international trade. According to an article from eFinance Management, a letter of credit is a promise from the bank that the buyer i.e. importer will fulfill his payment obligation and pay the full invoice amount on time. The role […]

5 Reasons Why SMEs in Singapore Need Working Capital Loan

Before going into the reasons why Singapore small and medium-sized businesses will need a working capital loan. Understanding what is a working capital loan? A working capital loan is a loan that is set to for financing the daily operations of a company. This can be used to cover for the product development, rental, accounts […]

The Unbeatable Benefits of Using Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Thanks to the hard-to-beat benefits they offer, innovative financial tools like debit, credit, and reloadable prepaid cards have become widely popular. In fact, nowadays, it has become commonplace to use credit, debit, and reloadable prepaid cards for many financial transactions.   The massive rise in popularity of ingenious tools like reloadable prepaid cards is unprecedented. […]

5 Timeless Persuasive Copywriting Techniques to Use on Your Business

In politics, persuasion is used to create a win-win situation between conflicting parties. You bring up a case that people and entities find a reason to agree with, even if in general, they do not adhere to each other’s points. The same applies to persuasive copywriting; when you want to win customers, you have to […]

The Wonderful Benefits of Using Prepaid Cards for Business

Expanding reach and multiplying profit is essential in any business. That being said, it is vital that entrepreneurs are able to accurately track where their money is going and what they’re spending it on. Fortunately, this is where a prepaid card for business can come in handy. Statistics show that businesses spend approximately $430 billion […]

Looking for a Reloadable Prepaid Card? Here are Things You Should Look For

Also known as general purpose reloadable cards, prepaid cards have gotten quite popular over the years. Since they are not linked to any account and don’t come with credit capabilities, they are considered safer to use compared to credit and debit cards. It is also possible to own several prepaid cards for specific purposes without […]


The Many Ways Prepaid Cards Can Help Your Business

For those that are suffering from major drawbacks from using credit cards (where you end up accruing huge debts), prepaid cards are a breath of fresh air. There are many reasons why most of the businesses and even individuals find the use of prepaid cards very convenient.  For starters, prepaid cards are readily available, approval […]

What Makes International Prepaid Cards Massively Popular

Are you traveling somewhere soon? Have you got your essentials ready? Whatever the purpose of your trip may be, whether it is for business or for pleasure, it helps to have your international prepaid card with you.  Over the years, international prepaid cards have become massively popular. It’s popularity however is not really surprising as […]

5 Ways to Persuade an Audience via Storytelling

One major element persuasive copywriters use when trying to capture their audience is storytelling. You tell a tale about your product or service, and you aim to make your reader believe all the things that you present so by the time you serve your call-to-action, your reader would not hesitate to click it and move […]