Prepaid Cards: Top Reasons to Use Them

For a lot of people nowadays, deciding where to put their money has become as much of a concern as deciding how to spend it. Of course, with countless options now available at one’s disposal, deciding where to put one’s money has become quite tricky. Thankfully, unlike before, people now have access to the best […]

Your Quick and Basic Guide to Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Since they were first introduced, reloadable prepaid cards have become a favourite of many. Taking into consideration all the amazing benefits they offer, its popularity is not really surprising. For starters, reloadable prepaid cards have become the ideal means of  processing payments and other financial transactions. Not only that, they are also user-friendly, convenient, and […]

Is Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Important?

In essence, a privacy impact assessment (PIA) is a systematic assessment of project that’s designed to: Identify the impact the project might have on the privacy of individuals Set out recommendations for minimising, eliminating, and managing impact Along with data protection tools, a privacy impact assessment helps warrant a project complies with privacy laws. In […]

Key Things Every Prepaid Card User Should Know: Fast Facts

Apart from the popular debit and credit cards, there’s another kind of plastic payment card that has become quite a favourite nowadays—the reloadable prepaid card. While most cards offer cashless transactions and peerless convenience, reloadable prepaid cards are in a league all their own. According to statistics, more and more consumers are now using reloadable […]

Protecting Your Business from Data Breaches

Throughout the past couple of decades, we have seen massive data breaches affect hundreds of companies across all industries. Due to these incidents, several companies have lost millions of dollars in revenue and time as they rush to reverse the damage, inform the public and fix the problem at hand.  In spite of the news […]

The Pillars of Modern Copywriting

Just like any other skill or industry, copywriting has a rulebook. It has a set of canons which you should always keep in mind, regardless if you are a print or website copywriter. These rules serve as your foundations in writing copy that works, i.e., bringing in sales. It is funny, however, that given the […]

Consequences in Carrying Dangerous Goods in Freights

Dangerous Goods (DG), as its name implies, can lead to serious consequences if mismanaged. Hence, there is a need to have a sound regulating system in order to safeguard the handling of DG. What are Dangerous Goods? Dangerous goods are items or materials that have corrosive, infectious, toxic, flammable, or explosive properties. These goods are […]

What Singapore Companies Need to Know About GDPR Compliance

This article is referenced from the Singapore government and to show how Singapore businesses can be GDPR compliant. What is GDPR? Well, it is an abbreviation from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Will the Europe-centric GDPR affect those companies operating in Singapore? Let’s find out what is changing and how as a business, comply. […]

What are the Top Advantages of Using Prepaid Cards for Business?

At first glance, it would seem like established multi-million dollar companies and small startups don’t have anything in common. However, they actually do. For starters, both share two common goals: make their business highly profitable and scale it big time. The good thing is there is no shortage of ways to achieve said objectives although […]

Why are International Prepaid Cards Very Popular? Top Reasons

For many years now, credit cards have been the preferred payment option for many people. Without doubt, the ease of use, convenience, and protection credit cards provide make them the ideal choice. Unfortunately, certain restrictions and limitations have hindered many people from having easy access to credit cards. The good news is prepaid cards have […]