Interior Design Tips for Small Commercial Spaces

When you have a small commercial space, maximising every inch of the space can be challenging. The good news is, you can make the most out of any small commercial space as long as you are strategic about how you design your space and organise your merchandise. There are business owners who prefer to invest […]


Boosting Productivity in the Workplace through Interior Design

If you are running a business or doing work remotely, the importance of creating an environment that fosters productivity cannot be overstated. The same principle applies when managing employees–you also need to ensure you are providing them with an environment that will help them work at their fullest potential. The good news is if you […]


Ways that Make Your Commercial Space Interiors Represent Your Business

A few years ago, business owners saw commercial spaces as just areas where they hold their operations. They rent a place where they set up their facilities and serve their clients. Sometimes they hold special events there such as parties and get-togethers. However, they only see their spaces via one perspective and that is through […]


Key Vendor Risk Management Assessment Practices to Keep in Mind

Many organisations today are now relying heavily on third parties for competitive advantage, decreased cost, improved profitability, and faster time to market. However, while party relationships come with unbeatable benefits, they also come with several risks including regulatory, reputational, strategic, financial and information security. To ensure aforementioned risks are avoided, organisations need to make sure […]


How Does Invoice Financing Drive Singapore’s Growth?

As with the global economy, small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the cornerstone of Asia’s economic development. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) reports that SMEs account for over 90% of all companies in the country and employ more than 60% of its workers. A September 2015 World Bank (WB) study showed that the majority of […]


How Your Organisation Can Manage Personal Data Effectively

Putting together personal data inventory is considered a good idea for organisations that handle personally identifiable data from consumers. Data is viewed as some form of currency and is understandably more challenging to track than physical products.  That being said, it would make perfect sense to have a thorough account of sensitive information that flows […]


4 Ways to Make Your Office Space Boost Productivity

A well-designed office space benefits businesses in many ways. For starters, it can help boost brand identity and attract the right talent. It likewise improves employee attributes, such as creativity, productivity, motivation, and even mental and emotional health. Office interior design plays a vital role in increasing workplace productivity. When exposed to a conducive work […]


The Importance of Mapping Data and Creating Data Inventory

According to Cisco, the total amount of data in the world is predicted to rise to as much as 3Tzb by 2020. Undeniably, data assets have become an invaluable part of the operations of many organisations nowadays. Some of the core components of most data security and data privacy programs include knowing the type of […]


Proper Practices of DG Shipping

A piece of detailed information is provided by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore with regard to DG shipping. You can refer further from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore any further details especially with regards to the by-laws of the dangerous goods handling. In exercise of the powers conferred by section 41 […]


Discovering the Types of Events Venues

There are a number of event venues to choose from in Manila. Finding the right venue is key to the success of your event. Why? Your choice of location has an impact on the look and feel of your event. The best events place in Manila will complement your unique personality, values, and aesthetics of […]