What is a Safety Data Sheet?

Dangerous goods (DG) are solids, liquids, or gases which are very harmful to people, other organisms, property or the environment. When not properly handled, these goods could spell a huge disaster to human life and economy. Due to their perilous nature, it is of dire importance that their handling and packaging be thoroughly scrutinized in […]


What to Know About Default Loan for SME

There are numerous reasons why entrepreneurs would apply for a loan for SME. It might be because you want to take full advantage of a business opportunity that rarely happens, and you need to take that chance. You might also need emergency funds to save you from a potential cash flow issue. It is also […]

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Level Up Your Home Office Interiors with These Expert Advice Tips

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has made working from home the new norm. However, while many already have a comfortable home office set up, others have yet to create the home office that suits their needs. Fortunately, converting a space into a home office is easy if you know how. The following expert tips […]


Fundamentals of PDPA Course

The personal data protection act or PDPA course is popular among individuals or companies who want their employees to deeply explore the provisions of the PDPA. There are a lot of schools around Singapore and other cities in the world that offer PDPA course classes highlighting the fundamentals of the personal data protection act. With […]


How Does Becoming a Persuasive Copywriter Change You as a Person?

Becoming a persuasive copywriter doesn’t happen overnight. Indeed, many “masters of persuasion” were born with this ability, but not all of them have used this talent for writing purpose. At the same time, some people learned the craft via rigorous study and practice. According to a famous saying, you reflect what you do. Accountants are […]


5 Top Web Copywriting Tricks

We have read and encountered a vast array of web copywriting tips and tricks. Some of these focus on writing captivating headlines, how to engage with readers, brainstorming effective calls-to-action, etc. Indeed, all these are helpful since they concentrate on the major parts of a sales copy. However, just like the popular proverb says, the […]


Copywriting Traits Readers Always Remember

What makes a copy sell? Indeed, the only goal of copywriters is to convert readers into customers. Regardless of their product or service, these people aim to attract audiences and turn them into clients or subscribers by the end of their sales pitch. To make a sale can be a pretty daunting task, especially to […]


Engage Your Followers with Compelling Instagram Copy

As a persuasive copywriter, it is your goal not only to captivate your audience but to keep them under your watch too. Hence, various brands have gone to social media platforms, such as Instagram, to secure this goal. However, while you may have amassed a myriad of followers on Instagram, there is another task you […]

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The Importance of PDPA

PDPA which stands for Personal Data Protection Act basically states that any personal data collected online must not be used unlawfully. Companies that ask for personal data must do so with consent from the individuals involved. This consent must cover collecting and sharing their personal data with other third parties involved. The PDPA varies from […]


How Does Invoice Financing Drive Singapore’s Growth?

As with the global economy, small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the cornerstone of Asia’s economic development. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) reports that SMEs account for over 90% of all companies in the country and employ more than 60% of its workers. A September 2015 World Bank (WB) study showed that the majority of […]