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4 Secrets to Writing Copy that Sells

Corporate video production in Singapore

What does it take to create copy that sells?

In case you haven’t realised it yet, the key ingredients to a compelling copy haven’t changed throughout the course of history. They may have been introduced in different forms and styles over the years, but their fundamentals remain the same.


It’s simply because human psychology has not changed. We may be acquainted to new technologies or embrace specific trends, but core emotions that are highlighted and addressed through marketing, such as desire, need, anger, and fear, have all stayed the same.

Every copywriting agency in Singapore knows that producing copy that wins customers and converts nonbelievers lies on 4 essential secrets. These are:

  1. You know who you are writing for.

Getting to know the audience is the fundamental step towards churning copy that sells. You may not know it, but copywriting agencies in Singapore dedicate time and effort in learning not just about their clients, but more importantly, their audience.

It is because in copywriting, you do not write content to simply inform or narrate a story. You are writing content that makes an impact on your readers’ lives that moment they start seeing your headline. You have a particular goal, and that is to convert them into customers by the time they finish going through your copy.

Of course, you cannot do this if you do not know who your readers are.

So yes, spend time and effort in getting to know them. Research. How do they look like, what do they do, where do they usually go, what are their key interests, etc. By learning from them you get to speak to and though them.

  1. You know how your reader thinks.

Another secret towards making compelling copy is that you know how your reader thinks.

When writing a draft, you should have at least come up with an outline that draws the way your reader makes a decision. Based on your research, how does your target market spend their money? How do they see value? How do they decide when buying something? What makes them disinterested? What keeps them coming back?

By knowing how your reader thinks, it would be easier for you to avoid cracking jokes that won’t land. You tweak your tone and voice, your manner of approach, and even the way you write to make your copy more appealing to them.

  1. You know what they need.

When you know who your readers are, and you know how they think, then you should also know what they need. Simply put, you cannot sell oranges to bakers who focus only on apple pies.

It’s like this: you may not necessarily be selling them the exact item that your audience needs, but you can offer them ways to go beyond the purpose of the item they are looking for – something better, something more convenient and something friendlier to the budget. Since you know what your audience needs, you can sell them something close to that, but with greater value -by means of the right marketing approach.

  1. Your headline cuts right to the bone.

Lastly, the most important ingredient to copy that converts is a compelling headline.

You have to go big on your headlines because they make heads turn. You need to make your audience look at your copy and read through your words.

You cannot just do that by saying “Hey, read me!”

Rather, use headlines that trigger their emotions. Use an opening spiel that makes them feel strong emotions, such as pain, anger, and fear. They’d want to address these feelings as soon as they can, and let your copy be their way to comfort, healing, and a better quality of life.

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