The Advantages of At-Your-Own-Pace Cybersecurity Training

With the dire need for cybersecurity training, such as PDPA training, in today’s modern world, a new approach to this crucial method to control cyber-negligence and digital threats is on the rise. This approach is referred to as at-your-own-pace cybersecurity training.

What is At-Your-Own-Pace Cybersecurity Training?

This kind of cybersecurity training is differentiated from live online or in-person training scenarios in a few ways. First, the materials are provided directly — students choose their own pace of study and only move on to the next phase of the course after they are sure they know the current material.

Second, at-your-own-pace training typically doesn’t include an actual teacher. Instead, it relies on exercises and quizzes that students are expected to take themselves. Hence, students using this method need to feel confident enough to grasp and understand the material that they won’t have to ask for an instructor’s assistance.

Third, at-your-own-pace training doesn’t have a fixed time limit. The students can work on the material for 15 minutes one day, 3 hours the next, and 30 minutes the next, and take the quizzes only after they are sure they have fully understood the concepts.

Advantages of At-Your-Own-Pace Training


Traditional cybersecurity training, like PDPA training, is generally conducted either during the employee’s workdays (sometimes during their lunch break) or in their free time. Whichever way you slice it, this costs the employee. They would have to either reduce the time they have to work on their normal workday tasks or use some of their spare time to accommodate the training course.

Another point of flexibility this kind of training offers is the flexibility of where the training takes place. At-your-own-pace cybersecurity training is done remotely, which means that employees can take their training course anywhere that has a stable Internet connection. This convenience is hard to quantify but easy to appreciate.

Better Retention

Student needs are much better addressed with at-your-own-pace training. The most important way student needs are better addressed is through the increased learning retention associated with the at-your-own-pace approach. Since the effectiveness of cybersecurity training affects the information security environment of organizations, it is important that learning is as complete as possible.

Next, not all people learn at the same pace. Letting employees set the time they take to learn the material will make the training more complete and effective. Since organizations and companies rely on cybersecurity training as one of their most reliable methods of teaching this knowledge and skills to employees, the effectiveness of the cybersecurity training should be given heavier importance than the traditional training methods affords. After all, ineffective training is of no good value to the company.

Improves Learning Ownership

The nature of at-your-own-pace training is that it firmly places the onus of learning on the learner. Those pursuing this method of training need to have a more internal motivation to learn and understand the material, including an increased demand on time management, than the traditional classroom student. This leads to more ownership of the material learned, which will then lead to a better likelihood that the knowledge learned will become the knowledge applied.


Cybersecurity training is, indeed, a very critical part of doing business in today’s modern world. On the other hand, not all approaches to cybersecurity training are similar. At-your-own-pace cybersecurity training offers companies and organizations the reduced cost and staff the enhanced flexibility that they are searching for, even if they do not know it yet. Consider maneuvering your company to the at-your-own-pace cybersecurity training process and gain the advantages that it has to offer.


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