The Power that the Data Protection Trustmark Holds

In this data-driven generation, it is not easy to win consumers over anymore. People need to be able to trust not only the products and services but also the data protection measures and processes set in place by the company, organizations or brand.

This is where the Data Protection Trustmark becomes very important. If your company or organization is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA, obtaining the Data Protection Trustmark is up next.

The Data Protection Trustmark or the DPTM was launched by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) last year to certify businesses and organizations that have effective and efficient personal data management standards. Furthermore, it aims to help businesses increase competitive advantage and cultivate a deeper relationship with their loyal customers.

Here are some of the advantages of getting a DPTM certification.

  • Proves that your organization has legit data protection practices.

With the help of the Data Protection Trustmark, you can visibly show your exciting customers and other potential consumers that you have sound data protection policies in place and practices in place. For sure, your customers and stakeholders will keep a note of this and then this will become a great advantage for your business.

Companies and organizations that have the DPTM certification can make use of the DPTM logo in its official communications and can even have it on display on the office or store premises.

  • Takes your organization’s competitive advantage one step higher than the others.

According to a research done by the Personal Data Protection Commission or PDPC in 2018, two-thirds of 1,500 surveyed consumers preferred to be in business with organizations and companies that have safe and secure data protection regimes in place. Plus, they are more than willing to share their personal data information with these companies and businesses.

In line with these results, organizations, and companies, too, recognize the importance of selecting a PDPA compliance vendor to manage and handle personal data on their behalf.

Nearly 80 percent of over 1,500 industry representatives surveyed by the PDPC in 2018 noted that a data protection certification would significantly enhance brand image and boost consumer confidence.

  • Gives assurance to your organization.

The Data Protection Trustmark is a third-party certification that can provide assurance to your organization because it is considered a powerful validation for your data protection practices in place.

This, in turn, will help your organization increase its data governance and protection standards, uncover potential weaknesses and enable it to take steps to mitigate risks.

  • Puts you in line with international standards.

Last but definitely not least, the Data Protection Trustmark may be a domestic certification but it is in line with international frameworks and best practices. The IMDA ensured this feature of the DPTM so that it will apply to organizations that are operating globally and establish a baseline level of data protection and privacy standards across international waters.

Furthermore, it will also ensure that organizations and companies can easily obtain the Trustmark and the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) or Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) system certifications.


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