Tips on How to Design Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding stands as the glorious moment that seeks to set you off into a new chapter of life with your partner. A lot of people will think about their wedding for years, even before they get the chance to see it turn into a reality. In order to have the perfect wedding, what you’ll need most of all is an immaculate wedding venue in Makati, like Whitespace Manila that has been dressed up to meet your demands and personal taste. Today, we are going to guide you through the ten simple tips for getting the perfect wedding venue in Makati.

Designing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Whether you want an intimate wedding or a huge one, designing your big day is going to take some work and a whole lot of effort. To have your dream wedding, you are going to have to pay attention to even the smallest details that add up to the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Pay Attention to the Weather

When you’re canvassing around for wedding venues, or dressing up one that you have already booked, it’s important that you pay attention to the weather. Although you can’t really forecast the weather on a date half a year in advance, you can at least round out your knowledge of the local climate. If you are getting married in July, you probably don’t want to bank on an outdoor wedding, since it’s already the start of the monsoon seasons.

Understand Your Budget Limits

Before you start styling your dream wedding venue, take a long and realistic look at your budget. Although it is totally fine to spend extra for your big day, you still need to understand your finances. There is certainly no point in having a grand wedding if it ends up driving you right into poverty. Take a moment to evaluate your finances, set restrictions on how much you will spend, and stick to these restrictions.

Make A List of Venue Choices

Now that you have set your budget, it’s time to do some research. Begin by looking into the different venues that align with your price range. Understand that this list is not conclusive and if you have a bad feeling about a venue, feel free to remove it. Your intuition should not be the end-all of the conversation, but it could be part of the discussion.

Embrace Your Venue

Whether you’ve chosen a modern loft or a plain white space for your wedding, you need to make the most of what you have available to you. By maximizing the potential of the natural landscape of your wedding venue, you can really ramp up your design elements.

Set a Dress Policy

Nobody likes having to wear a boring uniform, but everyone can deal with it at your wedding. The motif of your guests’ attires can be just as important as how you dress up the venue itself. As a matter of fact, what people wear acts as a sort of wedding venue decoration in and of itself. Establish a dress policy and be firm about it.

Know What You Want

Let’s say that you have locked in a venue and you are all set and ready to decorate. Before you spend a cent or go to a single store, create a list of what you want out of your wedding. Be thorough and comprehensive. Write until your hand aches. List every little thing that you can think of in terms of design and style elements. By the time that you are finished, you will be shocked by how focused and detailed your ideas are. You will be able to take your list straight to a venue designer or a shopping outlet.

Dressing up a wedding venue can be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, designing and styling your dream wedding can also be a rewarding task. Use our guide in order to focus on what you really want out of your wedding venue.



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