Copywriting Lessons to Learn from Taylor Swift

One of the most famous artists of today that we have witnessed evolve during the past decade is Taylor Swift. Once a country cutie, she crossed over into the pop music industry and has risen to the top of the charts with hit after hit after hit. She has not only gained worldwide fame and amassed billions in record sales; she has a strong and ever-loyal fan following, not to mention ongoing relevance even in between her album releases.

Yet all these didn’t happen overnight for the young legend. She has been making strategic moves to keep her throne.

Taylor Swift’s approach to brand building is a gold nugget for website copywriters. It is because of the following lessons:

  1. Taylor keeps them original.

Originality is key to quality content. Indeed, the plot may not be new, but it has to be packaged fresh and hot. Taylor Swift writes her songs out of scratch, and this is something she became known for. She writes mostly about her feelings, ideals, past situations, and, most importantly, her relationships.

Be authentic. Be real. Keep it unique. That’s how Taylor does it to churn chart-topping songs.

  1. Be sincere.

Another vital ingredient in Taylor Swift’s branding strategy is sincerity. She not only keeps things real on her songs but also different platforms such as her concerts and social media profiles.

She is one of the most active stars on Instagram, where she posts snapshots of her everyday life (together with her cats). She also hosts an exclusive party for randomly selected fans whenever she is on tour. These gestures make her human and relatable, not to mention sincere to her audience.

Adding this human appeal is something you may want to use as a website copywriter, as it attracts audiences right on the spot.

  1. Collaborate.

Collaborating with other brands and businesses has its perks. You get to share a bigger audience with your collaborator. You strengthen your names in the niche you’re both in. You build better credibility. All these are essential in converting audiences to customers because they realise you can be trusted.

This is the main reason Taylor Swift collaborates with different singers and bands. If you may have noticed, she features a singer or band in her concerts, and she has likewise shared the stage with artists from different music genres. Talk about the likes of Led Zeppelin, Alanis Morissette, and as well as song writing legends Liz Rose and Max Martin.

Collaboration builds a stronger brand and a wider (yet laser-targeted) audience reach.

  1. Show, don’t tell.

One thing about Taylor Swift is that she is a serial monogamist. She has dated a few good men during the past decade, such as Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, and even Tom Hiddleston. Much to her fans’ delight, her songs contain stories of her affairs, and it’s up for them to decipher which song is about a particular guy.

In this regard, Taylor Swift is definitely a prolific storyteller. She uses simple, relatable words for her lyrics, but the content itself says a mystery that you’d want to find out more. You may want to follow her footsteps when writing sales copy to win loyal audiences just like her fans.


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