The Pillars of Modern Copywriting

Just like any other skill or industry, copywriting has a rulebook. It has a set of canons which you should always keep in mind, regardless if you are a print or website copywriter. These rules serve as your foundations in writing copy that works, i.e., bringing in sales.

It is funny, however, that given the changing landscape of copywriting (from print to online), a lot of website copywriters have started to forget its pillars. Perhaps due to technological advancements and changing trends among markets and audience, but despite all these, one thing remains the same: as a copywriter, you need to appeal to your audience to make a sale.

So what are the pillars of modern copywriting that you need to take to heart?

  1. Focus on the customer.

When writing compelling sales copy, ask yourself: who do you write for? You must know who you are talking to because this is the person you are selling your brand and business to.

Before you start writing, you first have to get to know your customers and focus your pitch on them. Who is your customer? What does he or she look like? What do they do? What are their issues? What makes them happy? These things matter because when you don’t know them like the palm of your hand, you cannot convert them into paying, loyal customers.

  1. Celebrate relevance.

Another pillar of modern copywriting is relevance. Sure, you can write all the fancy things about your product or service, but how relevant is your item to your audience?

When writing sales copy, keep in mind: how does it matter to your customer?

Your sales pitch should showcase a picture of the need that you are talking to this particular set of people because they need your product or service. You should be able to show that you matter to them and that they cannot live life comfortably or adequately without you.

  1. Using the power of social media.

Back then, sure, there were no social media. However, people spread the word about a brand or business through word of mouth. They still do it today, but this time using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Social media plays a significant role in modern copywriting, and as a website copywriter, you should recognise this too. While indeed, your main focus is to build a following on your landing pages, but through these platforms you can spread the word about your business in many creative ways.

Audiences these days demand a lot from marketers. While they don’t want mere fluff, they want to be given VIP treatment when being engaged in a sale. They want eye candy, as “seeing is believing.” They want stories that they can see, hear, and feel. They want to see how your sales pitch addresses their needs and wants in an intimate and personal way.

By using social media and its array of features, your copywriting becomes unique, standout, and attractive to various audiences. You get a broader reach in the long run and get sales from people who matter to your brand and business.


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