Ways to Package Product Features on Your Website Copy

How do you sell your product or service online? The most common way to do so is by highlighting its features and characteristics.  Your audience needs to know the purpose of what you are selling. However, this does not always win you actual buyers.

You must understand that in the world of website copywriting, you have to go beyond what your product or service offers. Instead, you focus on what makes your audience decide on buying your sales pitch. 

It is sometimes difficult to promote your product features, especially when you are so proud of its potential. Fortunately, there are effective ways to highlight these qualities in website copywriting. These include:

  1. Knowing the problem your product aims to resolve.

People always look for solutions to their problems. You may want to start with this principle when selling your product by identifying the problem it aims to solve. By knowing the issues that your product can address and fix, you can sell your product’s features accordingly.

Your audience will always look for the reasons behind your claim. If you tell them that your product is the answer to their issue, they’ll ask why and how. You then proceed with a shortlist of your product features to make them understand that your claim is credible.

  1. Choose only one problem, and make it the centre of your product’s characteristics.

When writing a sales copy, you need to contain your audience. It is thus essential that you focus on only one core issue, and make your world revolve around it. But what makes your story turn? This is where your product’s characteristics come in.

You can package your sales pitch in a way that your product’s primary characteristics all answer to the problem that you are presenting. They each have a contribution to your proposed solution, and without them, the problem will never be fixed.

Readers do not realise it at first glance, but they find product features handy when deciding to buy or not. These attributes add to the weight of their decision and assure them that they are making a sound and logical choice.

  1. Use your product’s qualities to achieve your audience’s aspirations.

Humans, by nature, are greedy. They don’t settle for just one answer. They yearn for more without having to work for more. They also handle sales copies this way. They want to get more than what they are expecting.

So yes, give them more.

While you are focusing on just one problem that your product’s attributes directly address, you may also want to insert an aspiration for your audience to crave. You then sell your product’s features in a way that leads to achieving an ambition. By doing this, your readers think that they will be getting more from your offer, as they can get something else ideal that may not be offered by another brand.

In essence, use your product’s characteristics to make your audience believe that you’re giving them what they want and need. Not only will they nurture interest in your offer, but find more reason to try out your offer too.


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