Bitcoin Trading Steps for Rookies

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, bitcoin trading in Singapore can be very profitable for you. However, this market rapidly changing, often accompanied by noteworthy events.



If you don’t know how to navigate through the rapids, you might not win the game. For one to learn or improve on their Bitcoin trading skills, it is best to do your research and learn from other people’s mistakes.


To get you started, here are some steps you might want to take when it comes to Bitcoin trading:


Learn About the Market

For you to become comfortable with bitcoin trading in Singapore, you need to learn about the market.


Research and practice goes a long way in helping you succeed in Bitcoin trading. This step builds confidence, not only by showing you what you are doing right, but also with what you are doing wrong. Trading daily, whether you win or lose, will help you become a better trader.


Enroll in Bitcoin Trading Courses

If you want to become a professional in this field, you can also enroll in courses about bitcoin trading in Singapore. Here, you will be learning proven and tested methods from a crypto-trading strategist. It will also help you avoid the pitfalls of making bad investment choices and maximize your gains.


Throughout your learning process,  keep tabs of your winning and losing trades. Take note of your reasons on why you entered a certain trade and specify your profit and loss limits. Be honest in your reasoning as these experiences will hone your skills.  It will also give you real-life examples of how and why some trades go awry.


Choose the Right Provider

When trading, it is not just a coin’s market capitalization that matters; even the exchange or marketplace where you trade those coins are also important. There are a lot of exchanges that have halted trading because of extreme volatility, due to being hacked or simply because they cannot handle the volume of trades.


You’ve probably also heard of cryptocurrency exchanges like Mt Gox that have closed down – it was so bad people thought it was the end of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


Carefully choose your marketplace. You also have to make sure there is liquidity, reliability and adherence to regulation before you transfer funds in.


Stick to Your Goals

It is very important to know your goals  behind trading cryptocurrencies. You need to take note of what you are looking to get out of it. Identify your goals and stick to achieving them. Don’t let anyone in the market bully you into trading even if you do not want to. Every time you enter a trade, set your entry price, identify your stop loss level and know your target price.


This will help you know your limits and will avoid huge losses. If possible, you want a provider who can give you a stop-loss that is guaranteed. Discipline yourself to follow this step every time you trade.


Enjoy the Process

Whether in bitcoin trading or not, it pays to enjoy your chosen profession. Day trading is no different from other profession – you also want to enjoy the process of learning it. keep in mind that if you are a full-time day trader, you will spend hours studying the market, learning about past trades, and looking for potential new trade set-ups.


Consider it as a full-time job which needs to be treated with the same dedication as other professions.


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