Tips on Choosing the Right Scent for to Market Your Hotel

Are you having doubts whether scent marketing will work for your hotel or not? Imagine the last time you were lured in a cafe because of the inviting aroma of coffee. Think about how the fragrances in spas makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Remember how the smell of talcum powder reminds you of your childhood days. These are just some of the proofs that scent is a powerful tool you can use for your business.

Unlike other senses, smell is immediately processed as it directly goes through the limbic system – or the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories.


Hotel scenting has been used for years to influence guests.


While guests shop and look for hotels with their eyes, you can influence their decision to choose your hotel or stay longer through hotel scenting.


To help you decide on which scent will work best for your hotel, here are some tips you might want to keep in mind.


Smell impacts purchasing behavior


Plan and design a hotel scenting strategy

While dispersing scent may seem a simple task, there’s more to it than just spraying air freshener or lighting up a scented candle. In order to succeed in hotel scenting, you need to plan and design a strategy.


Once you have a strategy, you will be able to use scent to key in on the emotions of your guests while they are checking in your hotel or


Create or use the right scent

Whether you are hiring a fragrance company or not, what’s important is that you disperse the right scent in your business facility. Consider the appropriate aroma based on the demographics of your customers. Remember that different scents may or may not be appealing to different types of customers so you have to be careful when selecting one. If you pick the wrong scent for your target demographics, it might hurt your business.


Keep it simple and subtle

Always keep the hotel scent subtle even if your goal is to mask unwanted smells. The aroma should not bombard your guests while they’re trying to sleep or rest. Moreover, you should also be careful with using different scents in your hotel as they compete against each other causing overpowering aroma that your guests would not even appreciate. If you are to use different scents, be sure to keep them to a minimum so as not to confuse guests.


Be unique

While you want to keep everything subtle, you also don’t want your hotel scent to be totally unnoticeable. Give it a good balance in a way that your guests will still remember the smell of your hotel once they leave your premises. The key to hotel scenting is finding the right fragrance for your brand and using it in different creative ways. For instance, you can use the fragrance in hotel souvenirs or giveaways to remind your guests of your brand’s unique smell.


Scent is a powerful and versatile tool you can use not only in your hotel but also in your advertising strategies. Just be sure to be creative and consistent when using the scent to easily connect with your guests.


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