How You Can Use Scent Marketing to Influence Your Buyers

If you are in need of a new and easy way to make your brand stand out from the crowd, you might want to consider scent marketing. For many years, this strategy has been used to deliver superior customer experience and influence consumers’ behavior in a positive way.

There are many studies supporting the effectiveness of scent marketing. No wonder more and more retailers and marketers want to learn more about it. Some even hire a fragrance company just to ensure their scent marketing methods will be a hit.


With current innovation in technologies, it is now possible to have efficient and high end fragrances diffused at an affordable price. A fragrance company like la Brise de parfums is here to aid you in finding the right fragrance that will match your brand. This company has a proven system to help you to plan and formulate the unique scent that will evoke the core values of your business. Their years of industry experience has give them unique resources and engineering, allowing them to successfully craft your custom scent logo and disperse it into your business environment. Through their process, they are able to make difference for your business and help it stand out among your competitors.


If you need more convincing as to why you need scent marketing in your business, here is a list of ways scent can improve your store and even your sales:



Positively influence your audience

With the right scent, you can positively influence your consumer’s purchase intent, especially if the scent properly matches the products in the store. Don’t just use any scent suggested to you. Instead, develop a scent that really represents your branding. Consider the process like when you are choosing the furniture for your home or planning the visual design of your store. Every element should complement each other for you to create the right environment where your consumers would love to shop.


Connecting with your target audience

Before you create a custom scent, it will be best to know who your target audience is for you to easily connect with them. Study their age, gender, or demographics so you know how a scent can influence their reception. By understanding who are your customers are, you will also know what interests them. This way, you can craft custom scents that will encourage an emotional bond between the consumers you aspire to connect to and your brand.


Setting the mood

Scents are a great way to set up a mood in any business environment. For instance, lavender offers relaxing properties and soothing effect to customers while jasmine produces a feeling of positive and confidence. Whether you want your brand to be perceived as crazy energetic, a Zen place, or a vibrant and optimistic area, you can communicate these messages through your scent.



Consistently connecting with your consumers

By using the same scent, you can consistently connect with your consumers. Consistency can also help you make a scent logo to become synonymous to your brand and eventually consumers will start to associate it with you. So even if your consumers smell that custom scent in any marketing merchandise, they’ll be reminded of your brand.


When planning to use scent marketing, be sure to use an aroma that is not overpowering. It should not distract your consumers from their task of shopping. Just like when using music in your store, you want the scent not to be too soft that no one will hear it and not too strong that it will annoy your customers. As for scent, you want to be barely noticeable but still helps customers enjoy being in your store.



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