Knowing How To Help Your Child In Learning Chemistry

Almost all students need help when it comes to learning chemistry. For some students they already hate the subject even before they study it because of the feedbacks coming from other students who experienced studying it. Most people will say it is a very difficult subject. There are only some students who can say they love it and they are actually enjoying it. Even these students who love the subject still seek for help from their parents, teachers and chemistry tutor. They are very interested in learning more and are eager to understand the subject better. Students who love the subject learn faster than the one who hate it.

You can do something to make your child love chemistry. You could help prepare them in studying chemistry even before they reach secondary level. You will be able to set their minds in becoming interested in learning the subject. There are effective ways on how you will be able to help them. Let us look at some of the things you can do to help your child learn chemistry;

Use Flashcards In Teaching Them Chemistry

Flashcards has been proven useful and effective in learning different subjects. Flashcards has proven its effectivity even in learning chemistry like in If you do not know or you do not have enough time to make your own flashcards, then you can buy them from a book store of school or an office supply store. These flashcards can contain symbols, formulas, terms, pictures on the other side. While the other side will be the answer or explanation to what is shown on the opposite side.

You can let your child have a few pieces of the flashcards for him to study. He would keep on studying it with the given time. You can start learning with 3 to 5 flashcards first. It would depend on your child’s ability. Once your child has studied each flash card, you can take back the cards and show him one by one. He is supposed to be able to tell or explain what is on the flashcards. You will know if his answer is correct because the answer is indicated on the other side. You can gradually increase the number of flashcards until he is able to study and memorize them all. Make it more exciting by giving him a prize if he got the right answer. This way it will be more exciting and he will have fun learning.

Use Mnemonics In Making Information Get Stuck In Your Child’s Mind

Mnemonics is simple, fun and an effective way in making someone remember something. This method has been used in many different cases like learning chemistry. Even tuition centers like use this. In mnemonics you will have to look and set a word that will make you remember something. Memorizing mnemonics is a whole lot easier than memorizing long dreadful sentences. Help your child by encouraging and helping him remember the word and what does it represent. Study the words repeatedly until your child has them stored in their memory. Choose words that can easily be remembered. Usually fun words of characters of their favorite show can be easily remembered. These words will not be easily forgotten since they are favorite words of your child.

Using Different Colors Of Highlighters

Your mind can easily remember colors but not a bunch of words. If you use a color coordinated highlighter for each topic that your child is learning in chemistry, like in, it will be easier for him to remember this information. One color will be assigned to each topic and a certain color will be assigned to the heading and another for the subheading. If your child remembers the color he used to mark a certain information, it will be easier for him to remember the information associated to it.

Teaching Your Child, The Technique Of Fast Reading

On the first try it might seem impossible for your child to understand what he has read. But if you will ask him to do it several times he will finally understand it and the more the information gets retained in his mind. A tutor for chemistry would ask him to read with his mind by running his finger through the words. Do not let him read with his lips because this will slow down his reading. Did you know that your brain has the ability to go on overdrive and process the information that goes to it? The mind will only go on overdrive it there is a flood of information coming in. It processes the information putting them in order. Read more for more information about chemistry tutors in Singapore.


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