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Applying for a Business Loan in Singapore? Here are Some Ways to Hasten Approval

Regardless if you just launched your venture a few months ago or if you have been in business for a good number of years, chances are you can use a business loan at one point or another.

Whether it’s for expansion, purchase of new equipment, or marketing, a business loan in Singapore can definitely help ensure your business needs are attended to accordingly.

When is a business loan necessary?


For many business owners, the significance of marketing cannot be overstated.

However, in majority of the cases, big marketing campaigns would need significant funding.

Fortunately, a business loan can come in very handy.

Once you get good results from your marketing efforts and the profits start rolling in, paying your loan would be very easy.


If your venture is doing very well and you are considering expanding and opening more branches, a business loan would be helpful.

The money can be used in many ways—employ new workers, buy or rent a commercial space, or it can be used to purchase additional inventory, among other things.

Getting a loan to fund the expanding of your operations is often recommended so you do not interfere with the current branch’s profit or operations.

This will make it possible for the new branch to sustain its operation in addition to paying off the loan spent for the expansion.


In order to be a step ahead of the competition, you need to offer products and services that are nothing short of exceptional.

Fortunately, you can always resort to a business loan so you will have the money to purchase equipment and machines and other things that can help make your products or services stand out.

How do you hasten the approval of your business loan?

Once you have figured out what to use your business loan for, you can hasten the approval of your business loan in Singapore by keeping the following helpful tips in mind:

Ensure that your company has been incorporated for more than 6 months.

There’s no denying that running a business is no walk in the park.

The same is true when it comes to getting the necessary funding.

This is especially true if you are a new player in the industry.

If you have been operating for less than 6 months, it would be difficult for financial institutions and other prospective lenders to gauge if your venture can even get past the 6-month mark.

However, if your company has been around for more than 6 months already, it already has bigger chance of surviving the hurdles it will meet along the way.

Indeed, in the business world, longevity is often associated with stability.

In other words, financial institutions would be more confident about your ability to settle your obligations the longer you remain in business.

It would help if you are working on projects that are ongoing.

For many lenders, working on an ongoing project is an assurance your company would still be around long enough for you to repay your loan.

Also, it would mean you have a steady source of income so you can pay your obligations as agreed.

Putting it another way: if you want to lend money to a friend, chances are one of your primary considerations would be your friend’s ability to repay his dues.

Otherwise, there would be a big possibility your friend won’t be able to repay on time.

In worse case scenarios, your friend won’t be able to repay at all.

It’s safe to assume, financial institutions and other prospective lenders think along the same line.

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