Five Ways to Make the Most Out of that Vintage Wedding Car

Using a vintage car as a bridal car is one of the most popular items in weddings these days, mainly due to the fact that dated automobiles look more stylish and romantic. Arriving in such a vehicle makes any bride classy and elegant, no matter how simple the rest of the celebration can be. Some couples even invest on renting such cars for their wedding, as vintage automobiles do cost a fortune when used for special occasions.

But how do you make the most out of your old-style bridal car? If you are thinking about getting a vintage car rental in Singapore for an upcoming wedding event, then here are five ways you can make the most out of it:

  1. Check out vintage cars in person.

Like any other item for sale or rent, vintage cars look different in photos and in actual sight. This is because in pictures you only get to see the superficial aspects of the car, but not its specifications. Doing a personal canvassing is thus a good way to choose the vintage car you want to get, as you are able to look deeper into what the vehicle has to offer.

It is downright important to check out the car in person not only because you need to see what else it has to offer apart from the beautiful exterior and the posh interiors; you have to see whether it functions perfectly in terms of engine performance. You may have to test drive the vehicles you’ve shortlisted and from there choose which one fits your wedding perfectly.

  1. Use the car in your visuals.

It’s a big waste if you leave the car parked after using it to transport you to your wedding destinations (the church, reception venue, and hotel). Hence, you must be prepared to use it as part of your wedding visuals, such as post-nuptial and same-day photo shoots.

The car serves as a great conversation piece, and when positioned in the backdrop of the shoot, the more glamour you achieve in your photos.

  1. Come up with a wedding playlist-and create a wedding video.

Speaking of visuals, you may also want to use the vintage car as part of your wedding video. You may want to ask your videographer to do an AVP using the car, either as a background prop or as the featured vehicle in the video clip.

To make things more fun, you may add a song-a tune that you and your partner love, as this will serve as the soundtrack to your wedding video.

  1. Let your guests spend time with the vehicle too.

Who says only the newlywed couple can use the vintage car? You can actually share the vehicle to your guests by making it the backdrop of the photo booth area, in case you have a photo booth set up in your wedding reception venue. Your guests are able to pose with the car so that they too can feel how it’s like to be in it, then have their pictures taken.

You may even want to have the car as part of your wedding photos, especially when you are celebrating the vintage vibe in your overall wedding theme.

  1. If you’re allowed to, drive it.

Lastly, there are vintage car rentals in Singapore that allow their clients to drive the vehicle by themselves. If you know how to drive (and have the license to do so), then you better experience how it is like to drive a vintage car even for just a few minutes. It’s more about making memories with the car, just like making memories with your partner as you two enter the new milestone in your life, this time as a married couple.


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