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4 Tips to Stress-Free Party Planning as Told by Experts

Planning a party can be both stressful and exciting. It is exciting because you’re preparing for a rather special event wherein everyone will be having a great time; at the same time it is challenging because you will be in charge with just about everything needed to make the event work the way you envisioned […]


4 Ways a Party Planner Saves You from Unwanted Stress

Organizing a party is oftentimes a bubble. From an outsider’s perspective you’d find it exciting because you’ll be working on various tasks until you finally have set everything for the big day. But once you’re already given the actual challenge, it is only that that you realize how stressful it is to plan a party […]


Five Ways to Make the Most Out of that Vintage Wedding Car

Using a vintage car as a bridal car is one of the most popular items in weddings these days, mainly due to the fact that dated automobiles look more stylish and romantic. Arriving in such a vehicle makes any bride classy and elegant, no matter how simple the rest of the celebration can be. Some […]


How to Choose a Kombi Rental for Your Upcoming Event

Having a kombi in an event is becoming popular these days, as this campervan is not only used for transportation per se, but as a conversation piece and accessory. Its classic retro vibe makes transforms any occasion from boring to distinct, and people from all walks of life can easily relate to it. This is […]

Proper Practices of DG Shipping

A piece of detailed information is provided by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore with regard to DG shipping. In exercise of the powers conferred by section 41 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Act, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, with the approval of the Minister for Transport, hereby makes […]

PDPC Guidelines and its Coverage

What is PDPC? The PDPC provides only general information and clarification to inquiries. It is important to note that the PDPC does not provide legal or specific advice to your inquiry that may require a certain standard or decision from the PDPC guidelines to be made. Our response to your query is not a substitute […]

Pilot for Data Protection Certification Scheme Launched

The Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification was announced in 2017, as part of several initiatives to ensure that the data protection ecosystem in Singapore stays up to date. Here’s a press release from Straits Times about the DPTM. SINGAPORE – An open call for companies to join a pilot for data protection certification was launched […]

Copywriting Lessons to Learn from Taylor Swift

One of the most famous artists of today that we have witnessed evolve during the past decade is Taylor Swift. Once a country cutie, she crossed over into the pop music industry and has risen to the top of the charts with hit after hit after hit. She has not only gained worldwide fame and […]

Current Trends in Copywriting You Should Get Hold Of

Copywriting may be a timeless industry, but it also keeps up with changing trends and fads throughout the years. It is because copywriting is affected by technological advancements, cultural preferences, the rise of new political and economic landscapes, etc.  In essence, copywriting is heavily impacted by history. Hence, as a website copywriter, you must stay […]

Your Quick Guide to Vendor Risk Management

In essence, vendor risk management (VRM) deals with the monitoring and management of risks resulting from third-party suppliers and vendors of information technology products and services. Vendor risk management and risk management assessment are designed to ensure third-party products , service providers, and IT vendors don’t cause business disruptions as well as reputational and financial […]