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4 Tips to Stress-Free Party Planning as Told by Experts

Planning a party can be both stressful and exciting. It is exciting because you’re preparing for a rather special event wherein everyone will be having a great time; at the same time it is challenging because you will be in charge with just about everything needed to make the event work the way you envisioned […]


4 Ways a Party Planner Saves You from Unwanted Stress

Organizing a party is oftentimes a bubble. From an outsider’s perspective you’d find it exciting because you’ll be working on various tasks until you finally have set everything for the big day. But once you’re already given the actual challenge, it is only that that you realize how stressful it is to plan a party […]


Five Ways to Make the Most Out of that Vintage Wedding Car

Using a vintage car as a bridal car is one of the most popular items in weddings these days, mainly due to the fact that dated automobiles look more stylish and romantic. Arriving in such a vehicle makes any bride classy and elegant, no matter how simple the rest of the celebration can be. Some […]


How to Choose a Kombi Rental for Your Upcoming Event

Having a kombi in an event is becoming popular these days, as this campervan is not only used for transportation per se, but as a conversation piece and accessory. Its classic retro vibe makes transforms any occasion from boring to distinct, and people from all walks of life can easily relate to it. This is […]

Career Insights Based on Your Life Path Number

Numerology looks into the different aspect of a person’s wellbeing. By understanding one’s number patterns, you can immediately draw trends, such as a person’s outstanding character traits, how they deal with their social environment, compatibility in relationships, and most of all, their career. Are you still in the process of planning your career? Have you […]


Business Financing: How to Effectively Secure a Loan

Small and medium-sized businesses applying for business financing in Singapore can be rejected after the credit evaluation process has been completed. Although we are unable to say for sure whether the exact business loan appraisal requirements are used (banks keep it hidden to avoid fraud), we can deduce it from the most common grounds for […]


What is Good Packaging for Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods are solids, liquids, or gases which are very harmful to humans, animals, other livings organisms, and the environment. When improperly or negligently handled, these dangerous goods or hazardous materials (abbreviated as HAZMATs) could result in great destruction and cause prejudice to life and economy. Because of their perilous nature, it is very important […]

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International Prepaid Cards: Making Travel Budgeting Effortless

Let’s face it, identifying and allocating a budget for groceries, utilities, and transportation can be challenging. However, it is necessary if you don’t want to spend more than you can actually afford to. The same is true when it comes to budgeting money for international travel. For many people, travelling is a great time to […]

What Your Numerology Number Says About Your Career

Working towards a successful career isn’t always as easy as it looks. You may have completed a university degree on a subject you have long been passionate about, but you don’t get good job opportunities from it. Meanwhile, some people seem to be successful in the things they do, even if they didn’t study hard […]

Working Capital Loans: A Guide to Understanding This SME Loan

Taking an SME loan is part of building and expanding a business. During this outbreak of COVID-19, Singapore, like many other countries, took a radical but necessary step towards the closure of non-essential workplaces and schools. All businesses will be affected by this unprecedented move. Companies with steady cash flow will be able to sustain […]